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Crowned by its imposing cathedral, Évora is located on a gentle hill on the vast horizon of the Alentejo plain.
Maintaining in its historic center a vast belt of walls with a valuable cultural heritage, classified by UNESCO in 1986 as a World Heritage Site, Évora is the only Portuguese city that is part of the Network of Ancient Cities in Europe. It is the city's ex-libris, a kind of business card, better known as the Chapel of Bones, a Roman temple built at the beginning of the 1st century AD.
Local cuisine is one of the region’s greatest attractions. Évora is the ideal place to discover traditional Alentejo food, which is based on pork and lamb, but also bread. The full-day tour has several optional stops, one of which is a visit, upon reservation, to Adega da Cartuxa, famous for the red wine “Pêra Manca”, considered one of the best wines in Portugal.

(Duration of 8 hours - starting in Lisbon)

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