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The Arrábida mountain range has been a Natural Park since 1976 with an area of 10,521 hectares covering areas in the municipalities of Setúbal, Palmela and Sesimbra and with an altitude of 501 meters. In addition to the beaches and beautiful landscapes, it is home to countless rare species and beautiful caves. On this tour to Arrábida you can admire the view of the sea and the mountains. The viewpoints are not marked, but we will find several places along the road where you can park your car. The originality of the landscape is due not only to its natural characteristics, but also to the humanization of these spaces, which in general developed in harmony with the natural environment. Among so many exceptional beaches, it will be difficult to choose one to visit.
The famous Moscatel de Setúbal wine, one of the treasures of Portuguese wines, has been produced in this region since ancient times, appreciated by kings and the people. In the time of D. Dinis (1261-1325), Setúbal wine was quite famous. In 1381, a large quantity of this wine was already exported to England.

(Duration of 8 hours - starting in Lisbon)

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